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Voltz PDUs Engineered for AI Data Centers

Discover the power of precision with the Voltz Power Distribution Units (PDUs). These units are specifically engineered for data centers and commercial applications, combining voltage transformation and circuit protection into a single, efficient point. Offering power sizes ranging from 300kVA to 1000kVA, Voltz PDUs simplify high-current distribution. The units feature flexible internal transformers, enabling multiple input and output voltages. With customization options such as 415Y/240, 400Y/231, 208/120, we can meet any voltage requirements for your applications. Voltz PDUs are equipped with 100% rated, electronic trip circuit breakers from leading manufacturers, ensuring top-notch circuit protection. For safeguarding critical loads, every unit comes with built-in TVSS/SPD on the primary side of the transformer. Plus, the design allows for power entry and exit from the top or bottom of the unit, enabling optimal installation configurations. 

The internal transformers of Voltz PDUs are versatile and robust. Accepting inputs of 480V, 415V, or 208V, they output at 480V, 415V, 400V or 208V. 
These transformers are: 
- K9 or K13 rated isolation transformer 
- All copper windings 
- High impedance available 
- Compliant with DOE standards 
- UL Listed 

Circuit Breakers 
Voltz PDUs prioritize safety. Our PDUs only employ 100% rated, electronic trip circuit breakers from major manufacturers. Breaker sizes can reach up to 1000 amps on the input and up to 600 amps on the output. Depending on the output voltage configuration selected, you can choose up to seven output breakers. 


Monitoring & Protection 
For those seeking enhanced control and security, our PDUs offer optional monitoring of current, voltage, and other critical power parameters from the input and output circuit breakers. Stay informed with alarm notifications and connect monitors to a BCMS via Modbus, Ethernet, or RS232. Protect your loads with a primary side TVSS/SPD. Step into the future of power management with Voltz PDUs. 


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Voltz by Raptor Power PDUs: Engineered for AI Data Centers

Together, let’s power up your projects like never before.

Welcome to the future of power management in AI data centers. We understand the unique challenges you face managing high power consumption and large loads. Our Power Distribution Units (PDU) are specially designed to meet these demands, enabling your AI data center to function optimally and efficiently. 

High Power Consumption? Not a Problem! 
Voltz by Raptor Power PDUs are built to handle the rigorous power demands of AI data centers. Our PDUs are capable of handling high power loads up to 1000kVA, ensuring smooth operation under intense workloads. We ensure that your data center’s power supply remains stable, reliable, and efficient, even during peak usage times. 

Designed for Large Loads 
We know how important it is for your AI data center to handle large loads without missing a beat. With Voltz PDUs, you can effortlessly manage even the heaviest power requirements. Our robust units are engineered for durability and resilience, guaranteeing consistent performance under high loads. 

Efficiency at its Best 
Efficiency is crucial when it comes to managing an AI data center. Our PDUs have been designed with this key principle in mind. Voltz PDUs provide impressive energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and contributing to a more sustainable planet. 

The Voltz Advantage 
Reliability: With Voltz PDUs, you can rest assured knowing that your power needs will be met consistently and reliably. Efficiency: Our PDUs are engineered for optimal energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Scalability: As your AI data center grows, our PDUs can grow with you. They are designed for easy scalability, ensuring they can meet your power needs now and in the future. Join us at Voltz and experience the difference that our PDUs can make in your AI data center. Let us empower you to achieve more with less, transforming the way you manage power in your data center.

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